Bringing A New Luxury Fashion Brand To Market

Mar y Viento had a fabulous product, they had the logistics, and they had ambition…lots of it. Fathom Fifteen did the rest. This is a great example of how a fractional CMO can work to maximise marketing impact while minimising recruitment and commitment risk.

MArketing a New UK Footwear Brand
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Providing Marketing Strategy & Leadership

Mar y Viento had a fantastic product. They had passionate fashion experts able to spot trends early and produce premium quality ladies’ footwear that stands out from the crowd. They had a supply chain infrastructure covering ideation and production in Spain to warehousing and fulfilment in the UK. They were ready to begin trading.

But what the team at Mar y Viento did not have was the experience of finding an audience for their product, established channels through which to do so, or a clear sense of how to present themselves to the world.

Working closely with the business owners, Fathom Fifteen developed a clear personality for the brand, designed a logo that captured the essence of the MyV brand, built a content strategy with a carefully considered tone of voice, identified the most promising channels in line with the business’ capacity for content production and set about finding a market.

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We Delivered A Stunning Shopify Site

As a luxury brand with serious ambition, Mar y Viento required a website that would showcase their unique footwear in all its glory and secure a high conversion rate by providing a frictionless shopping experience. Using a modified Shopify theme to reduce development overheads and time to launch, Fathom Fifteen delivered a mobile optimised site that began taking orders from day 1.

Having developed the tone of voice and content strategy for the brand, we are well placed to write the copy for the website. So, aside from designing and building the site, we wrote the initial copy for every product page as well as taking care of the product photography, which would be used across numerous channels, and arranging photoshoots for the lifestyle photography required sitewide.

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Fractional CMO

Mar y Viento retained Fathom Fifteen to lead marketing strategy as the brand navigated its first 18 months of life. This enabled MyV to tap into a vastly experience marketing resource without the risk or cost of recruiting a Chief Marketing Officer. Fathom Fifteen dedicated 5 days per month to lead MyV’s marketing strategy and plan the marketing activity of the internal team, whose focus was principally that of content creation.

From a standing start, Mar y Viento reached £250k of annual turnover by their second year of trading, surpassing all projections and surprising the business owners. The rapid growth brought its own set of challenges. Stock shortages, packaging shortages and the sooner-than-expected passing of the VAT threshold were all issues that had to be overcome in the first year of trading as sales accelerated beyond expectations and began to outpace production.

Fathom Fifteen led the development of contingency content strategies in the face of what could be described as “near-catastrophic success”, incentivising pre-ordering and repositioning the products as the scarce commodities that they had truly become. By mid-2022, Mar y Viento had more products accounted for as pre-orders than they had ever physically supplied with some customers waiting up to 2 months to receive their shoes. But together we turned this into a positive with content that regularly informed customers of the stage of production of their order with photos from the workshop showing their shoes being hand-stitched; essentially building anticipation and channeling any potential anxiety into excitement.

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Social Media Marketing

Early on in our relationship, Fathom Fifteen and Mar y Viento had identified the channels where our prospective audience hung out, with Instagram being foremost among them. While Mar y Viento methodically executed the content plan there, Fathom Fifteen managed the paid marketing. The average return on investment since the inception of the business from paid social media advertising has been 9x  and has increased exponentially as we have grown the audience.

We developed a compact 3-step funnel that targets users with distinct content at the prospecting, consideration and conversion stage. This approach has enabled to grow the social following in a controlled way while providing a consistent and predictable pipeline of enquiries and sales.

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We have over 80 combined years of international experience working in-house and partnering with well-known brands.

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