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Why Fathom Fifteen?

We are experts at getting under the skin of your brand; understanding who you are and what you represent, and finding customers with whom that essence resonates. We are skilled in the creation and development of social media audiences that deliver a flow of high-value prospects to your website or the front door of your business. We build conversion funnels that convert prospects into returning customers who amplify the reach of your brand.

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Put Away The Wooden Spoons

Are you finding it hard to convert post reach into actual revenue? Are you generating views and likes that don't translate into sales? Are you still boosting posts through the instagram app? Then STOP!!! Instagram and Facebook have a huge number of tools to entice advertisers to spend spend spend. But a lot of those tools are blunter than a wooden spoon. We are experts in finding tight, converting audiences using advanced methods that go way beyond the basic machine learning approach of Facebook and Instagram.

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Fight Audience Pollution

Most ad spend through the instagram app is not going to deliver an acceptable return on investment. It may get you likes and even follows but in the long run, some of those follows are going to do more harm than good by polluting your hard earned audience of true followers and stuffing your follower count with people who are unlikely to buy from you making it harder to identify real prospects. We can help.

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Land The Message

Fathom Fifteen are all about building tight audiences of genuine brand advocates who collectively represent your ideal prospects, then going out and delivering your message to the people most similar to them. Our approach is about building the foundations for long term growth while delivering sales immediately. Our clients in the fashion industry typically see a 10x ROI on their advertising spend which grows over time as we acquire repeat customers and foster a loyal audience of advocates who are more than happy to sing their praises publicly.

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